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VIDEO: Stapleton In Shambles – No Plan B

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Stapleton Stumbles Through Questions On Petitions, Makes Awkward TV

After telling Colorado he would withdraw all 19214 petition signatures, Walker Stapleton took some questions from reporters, and boy, did it get awkward.

Question: This wasn’t something you’ve been contemplating all along as a backup option though was it? It’s not like you’ve been softly lobbying delegates to the convention.
Walker Stapleton: (Depressed laugh/sigh) No. No, absolutely not. I mean this information is less than 24 hours old. It’s approximately 16 hours old. So you know we’re going to have to play the hand you’re dealt in life. You know, I’m and we’re going to play the hand that we’re dealt to the best of our ability. And I like our chances a lot. I really do.

“That nervous lilt in Walker Stapleton’s voice is the fear that his campaign is slipping away,” said David Turner, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “The signs have long been there – from few signs of organic energy for his campaign to his long deliberation to go before the convention. However, today’s news made clear Stapleton is incapable of managing his own campaign, let alone the state of Colorado.”