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VIDEO ROUNDUP: Dem Govs’ Successes Highlighted at DNCC

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VIDEO ROUNDUP: Dem Govs’ Successes Highlighted at DNCC

Policy achievements at state level featured on national stage

Watch DNCC roundup video here 

Last week, the nation’s Democratic governors brought their record of achievement to the national stage during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. 

Check out a roundup video of Democratic governors highlighting their success at the state level below:

From historic minimum wage increases, to creating jobs, to investing in education and building inclusive economies, Democratic governors are successfully leading the party forward with innovative, common-sense policies.

And, as several Democratic governors took the stage at Convention Hall, their speeches offered proof that the ideas in the Democratic platform work to strengthen the middle class and bring opportunity to more Americans:

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy: “In the states led by Democratic governors, we are about solving problems.”

 Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: “In Virginia, we are putting our values into action to create jobs and bring our unemployment rate down from 5.3% when I took office, to 3.7% today – the steepest decline a governors has seen at this point in 32 years in Virginia.”

California Gov. Jerry Brown: In California, we have solar, wind, zero emission cars – energy efficiency.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: “We need to restore the fundamental idea that if you work hard, you can get ahead and stay there.”

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton:“It’s time we decided once and for all that the purpose of health insurance is to give Americans the healthcare they need at the prices they can afford.”

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper: “I’ve seen how partnerships drive economies. Today, Denver is the fastest growing big city in America and Colorado has the second strongest economy in the country.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “We raised the minimum wage to $15 – the highest in the nation – because we insist on economic justice.”

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy: “Every child, every American deserves to have an opportunity to be successful in this life. That’s what we stand for as Democratic governors. We stand for solving problems and bringing hope to more Americans.”