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VIDEO: Richard Irvin Caught in Pay-to-Play Scandal

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Today, amid numerous reports of Richard Irvin’s pay-to-play politics, the DGA launched a new video slamming Irvin for his record of corruption.

Watch the new video here

Irvin claimed he will “bring honest and good government back to Illinois,” and his megadonor ​​Ken Griffin once referred to government incentives for private businesses as “cronyism.”

But recent WTTW investigations have exposed numerous counts of pay-to-play corruption between Irvin and a “web of politically-connected companies and individuals.”

A company that donated to Irvin’s mayoral campaign received millions in city contracts, while developers — including one company that employs Irvin’s ex-wife — received tens of millions in city incentives after contributing to his campaign.

“Richard Irvin has gotten himself tangled in a web of lies and corruption,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “There’s nothing ‘honest and good’ about giving away taxpayer dollars to line your own pockets, and voters will see right through Irvin’s hypocrisy.”