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VIDEO: O'Comartun: Cuccinelli's Radical Agenda Being Rejected In VA

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Sign Of Things To Come For GOP Govs Up For Reelection In Swing States in ’14
Appearing on “In Play” with the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Colm O’Comartun discussed how Ken Cuccinelli is being rejected by voters in Virginia because of the radical agenda that defines him and Republican governors across the country. He also laid out how Republican governors who won in the Tea Party wave of 2010 in battleground states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio will suffer the same electoral fate as Cuccinelli because of their commitment to a radical social agenda and failed economic philosophy that rewards the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class.
CILLIZZA: This race between Terry McAuliffe, your candidate, and Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee, has been looked to – Virginia is a swing state at the presidential level. Are there lessons to be learned in this race in Virginia for the Democratic Party, for the Republican Party, and sort of broadly about the electorate heading into the midterms?
O’COMARTUN: Absolutely. I think that voters are rejecting the national Tea Party Republican platform that Ken Cuccinelli is running on, and they’re rewarding somebody who’s focused on jobs and the economy. Terry McAuliffe has run a very good campaign focused on jobs and the economy, to the point that he supported Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan. And Ken Cuccinelli, because of his ideological constraint, opposed it. And I think going into 2014, many of the states are very similar to Virginia. We know the electorate is more conservative, more Republican, older, whiter, in 2014 and in 2013 than it is in 2012, and so given that, the fact that – I think, and the election’s not over – I think that McAuliffe is going to win… it’s quite remarkable, but I think it’s because he stuck to the core issues that are important to voters, whereas Cuccinelli latched on to the national Tea Party Republican platform. And that’s going to be rejected. But he’s very similar to the governors I think that are up in 2014 that were elected in 2010 as part of that Tea Party wave year – in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine.
CILLIZZA: So then McAuliffe provides at least in your theory a blueprint on how you beat these incumbents.
O’COMARTUN: Absolutely.