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VIDEO: “Not the End of the World”: Tone-Deaf Hogan Brushes Off 1,300 Lost Jobs in Maryland

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In a shockingly tone-deaf reaction to news that 1,300 Maryland jobs are being being shipped to New York, Governor Larry Hogan remarked yesterday that this announcement is “not the end of the world.”
His flippant and disrespectful attitude poses a marked contrast to his rhetoric in 2014 when his campaign repeatedly used debunked talking points to bash the state for losing Fortune 500 companies, saying that such job losses are “just simply unacceptable and something we’ve got to change” and “would change on day one in our administration.” In fact, Hogan is the first Maryland Governor in decades to lose a Fortune 500 company to another state.
“This is a massive failure of leadership for Governor Hogan, who campaigned on keeping Fortune 500 companies in Maryland,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Governor Hogan is shockingly out-of-touch to say 1,300 jobs leaving are not a big deal to Maryland. Maybe Governor Hogan sees these job losses as ‘not the end of the world,’ but thousands of Maryland families feel very differently.”
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