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VIDEO: National Analysts Call Out Brian Kemp’s Last-Minute Sham ‘Investigation’

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“How Can a Fox Investigate the Hen House?”

Since Brian Kemp announced his last-minute sham investigation yesterday, non-partisan national analysts have been unified in their condemnation of his desperate and shady tactics. See video of Kemp being called out on national television below.
Despite the blatant conflict of interest and multiple calls from people on both sides of the aisle for him to resign as Secretary of State while running for Governor, Brian Kemp continues to oversee Georgia’s elections. Yesterday, Kemp announced an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia but failed to cite a single shred of evidence implicating Democrats.
Here’s just a small sampling of what national analysts have had to say about that:
Michael Smerconish, CNN: If your responsibility, speaking of Georgia is to manage elections, and you’re running in an election, you have to recuse yourself… What if it’s legitimate? It will not be treated as legitimate. He’s harming his own case by not getting out.”
Alisyn Camerota, CNN: “How is this not a conflict of interest? How can a fox investigate the hen house? Brian Kemp is running against Stacey Abrams. He is now launching an investigation without any evidence of a hack.”
Mike Barnicle, CNN: “With no proof at all, over the weekend he charges the Democrat’s campaign for governor with trying to alter the vote, was trying to fix, bag the election. No proof at all. Two days before the election.”
Eugene Robinson, MSNBC: “This is vile, putrid, frank racism…It’s not a dog whistle, it’s a claxon, it’s a siren. It couldn’t be clearer.”
Katy Tur, MSNBC: “Kemp hasn’t offered any evidence to back up this claim. Yesterday, in the late afternoon, he followed up by saying he was acting on information he got from his legal team. But again, there’s no evidence that this attempt, that this breach, this attempted breach, whatever it actually was, was done by Democrats. There are a number of issues and a number of reasons why this is being seen as so potentially controversial and so potentially questionable by Kemp. It’s not just because he is the Secretary of State. He oversees elections, and he’s running in this election. It’s because, as Secretary of State, back in 2016, he rebuffed DHS when they tried to help this state secure its elections systems. He even accused DHS back during the Obama administration, right after the 2016 election, of trying to breach Georgia’s firewall. There are issues when it comes to that. there have been lawsuits against Kemp and his office for not securing the election systems here, for having it be too weak. And this is one of the only states in the country that does not have a backup paper ballot. So all of these questions are compounded when you look at the timing of this announcement, the timing of this investigation, announcing it on a Sunday morning two days before voters go out and make a decision on who’s going to be the next governor in what is an extremely tight race.”