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VIDEO: McCrory Stops For the Azaleas, Skips Questions on HB2

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VIDEO: McCrory Stops For the Azaleas, Skips Questions on HB2 

Yesterday, Gov. Pat McCrory stopped by Wilmington, North Carolina, to see the azaleas, but high-tailed it from reporters once they started asking questions.

 At the North Carolina Azalea Festival’s annual Queen’s Coronation, local press had hoped to speak to McCrory about the impact of PayPal canceling a project that would have brought 400 new jobs to North Carolina due to McCrory’s anti-LGBT law. 

Wilmington ABC affiliate WWAY-TV reported “Speaking of HB2, we tried to ask Gov. McCrory about it when he was in town yesterday. He was in Wilmington for the Azalea Festival Queen’s Coronation, but he left quickly. We were hoping to chat with him about the impact of companies like PayPal who are deciding not to bring jobs to our state.”

Watch the news clip here:


Since signing the law, McCrory has shut down press conferences and refused answer questions regarding the economic impact of HB2, even sneaking through the principal’s office of a local high school to escape the press.

“Pat McCrory can run away from news cameras, but he can’t run away from the economic disaster he caused,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “One way or another, Governor McCrory will have to answer voters on the impact of his discrimination law — either now or on the ballot in November.”