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VIDEO: Knute Buehler Bashes Affordable Care Act

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Buehler Has Long Record of Opposing Access to Affordable Care

At a meet and greet earlier this week, Oregon Republican Knute Buehler was caught on camera bashing the Affordable Care Act for helping Oregonians get the health care they need. His anti-ACA stance may be wildly unpopular in Oregon, but it’s also unsurprising given Buehler’s record of opposing efforts to expand access to affordable health care.
Earlier this year, Buehler voted against a ballot measure funding Medicaid Expansion in Oregon—a program that helps thousands of Oregonians access the care they need. In doing so, not only did he break with almost all of the health care organizations in the state, but he put himself on the opposite side of more than three out of five Oregon voters.  A new study from the Georgetown University Center Health Policy Institute this week revealed a dramatic 27% drop in the uninsured rate for rural Oregon families due to the state’s Medicaid expansion—the third largest drop in the country.
Meanwhile, Governor Kate Brown has stood up to the Trump Administration on its dangerous efforts to roll back the Affordable Care Act and rip away protections for Oregonians with pre-existing conditions.
Watch video of Buehler bashing the ACA HERE.

“Oregon needs a governor who will protect families’ access to health care, and Knute Buehler won’t,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Buehler just can’t be trusted to stand up to President Trump’s dangerous efforts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and its protections for Oregonians with pre-existing conditions.”