VIDEO: Iowa Gov. Slams Rauner for Budget Failure

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Neighboring GOP governor on Illinois: ‘We don’t want to go there’

On Wednesday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner told voters that “a lot of governors” around the country were “impressed” by the work he’s done in Illinois.
A new video released today by the DGA shows Iowa GOP Governor Terry Branstad is clearly not one of them. In a news conference Wednesday discussing ongoing budget negotiations, Branstad – a neighboring governor from Rauner’s own party – used Illinois’ failures as a cautionary tale.
“All you have to do is look at Illinois. They haven’t had a budget in more than two years. We don’t want to go there. We want to be responsible.”
Even fellow Republican governors are now noticing what millions of Illinois families already know: Bruce Rauner’s failure on the budget is hurting Illinois every day. Schools continue to close, nurses are getting laid off, and domestic violence shelters are going unfunded.
So, if not for neighboring GOP governors, who is impressed by Bruce Rauner’s work in Illinois?