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VIDEO: Hogan Praises “Cooperative and Good” Trump Administration

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Hogan Says He Has Good Relationship with President Trump

Last week, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was asked about the President and responded by praising Trump and saying they have a “pretty good” relationship.
Despite President Trump’s dangerous policies that threaten Maryland’s families and economy, Hogan said the Trump Administration has been “very cooperative and good.”
He also noted that “the President has always been very gracious personally to me,” an observation that will certainly bring comfort to all the Maryland residents who have been harmed by the Trump Administration (including the five-year-old who was separated from his family due to Trump’s Muslim ban—a policy that Hogan recently said “wasn’t impacting our state.”)
“While Larry Hogan pats himself on the back for being ‘very cooperative’ with the President, Donald Trump’s agenda is hurting Marylanders,” said Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Time and time again, Governor Hogan has refused to stand up to President Trump when Maryland families needed him to do so, putting political party ahead of the people of his state. Maryland deserves better.”
Watch Hogan’s remarks praising Trump HERE.

Actually the relationship is pretty good… I’ve been to the White House a number of times, and the President has always been very gracious personally to me. We’ve had to work together with the Administration, and they’ve been very cooperative and good.” -Governor Larry Hogan