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VIDEO: Gone in 60 Seconds: Gov. Martinez's Fox News Disaster

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VIDEO: Gone in 60 Seconds: Gov. Martinez’s Fox News Disaster

Fox News is supposed to be a comfortable place for Republicans launching into the national spotlight.

But not for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. In 60 seconds, the honeymoon was over for the newly minted chair of the RGA.

A simple question from Fox’s Bret Baier about the ongoing FBI investigation into her administration quickly turned into a 60-second-long stumbling disaster from Governor Martinez.

Among Martinez’s excuses in 60 seconds: 

– “The laws changed”

– “I had just gotten elected”

– “I’m an attorney!”

Watch the video here.

Governor Martinez clearly has questions to answer about her involvement in this ongoing FBI investigation,” said Jared Leopold, communications director at the DGA. “Her rambling, confusing interview on Fox only raised further concerns about her role in this fundraising scheme. Her chairmanship of the RGA could not have gotten off to a worse start.

A transcript of the exchange is included below:

Bret Baier: “There is now an FBI investigation related to your administration, some of your top aides, at least one of them, that deals with emails—public and private. What about that as you take over the head of the  RGA?”

Susana Martinez: “Oh no. The investigation referenced in the emails were actually by an individual that worked on my campaign and, um. actually served federal prison time.”

Baier: “Yeah, but separately from that came an investigation into campaign fundraising.”

Martinez: “Okay, so, fundraising versus emails.” 

“Well, the fundraising is absolutely proper. Um, we have done all of the state law, New Mexico state law, the attorney general. We’ve done everything right. 

“I have all the confidence in the world that there is nothing that has gone wrong in my administration. I had just gotten elected, um, and then the laws changed right after I got elected and we did everything that is lawful. I’m an attorney. I understand how to read those statutes and so it’s certainly something that I have no concerns about.”

Baier: “No concerns about those investigations?”

Martinez: “No.”