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VIDEO: Glenn Youngkin Vows to Go “On Offense” Against Reproductive Rights in Virginia

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As urgent nationwide calls grow to protect the right to choose following a near-total ban on abortion in Texas, the DGA launched a new video exposing Glenn Youngkin’s extreme position on outlawing abortion and restricting reproductive health care.

Glenn Youngkin was caught on tape admitting to his closest supporters his secret plot to attack reproductive rights in Virginia once in office, and confessing he’s been hiding his extreme views on abortion from voters in order to win votes. If elected governor, Youngkin has vowed to go “on offense,” banning abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Codifying Roe v. Wade into law has become a “huge motivator” in governor’s races, yet Youngkin continues to push a position that is extremely out of touch with Virginians.

Watch the video here.

“The dangerous new law in Texas effectively outlawing abortion should serve as a major warning sign of what could happen in Virginia if Glenn Youngkin is elected,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Glenn Youngkin wants to make Virginia look more like Texas, and if elected, he will push his out-of-touch anti-choice agenda, which could leave millions of Virginians without access to essential reproductive health care and threatens to destroy Virginia’s economy. With reproductive freedom on the line, the stakes of this election could not be higher.”