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VIDEO: Gillespie Lies About Promise to Campaign with Trump

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After Trump Endorsement, Gillespie Tries to Hide Previous Commitment to Campaigning with Trump

How hard is it for lobbyist Ed Gillespie to tell the truth?
Gillespie has courted President Trump’s supporters, embraced his policies and run a “full Trump” campaign of negative ads. But when asked about honoring his commitments to campaigning with Trump, Gillespie tried to pull the wool over voters’ eyes today.
Throughout his primary and general election campaigns, Gillespie has said he would welcome Trump’s help. But now that Trump has tweeted his endorsement in the race, it looks like Gillespie might be having second thoughts.
On a press call this morning, Gillespie refused to say whether he would appear with the president before the election:

The DGA released a video highlighting the “will they, won’t they?” tango between the two Republicans:
Watch it HERE:

As a reminder, Trump is deeply unpopular with Virginia voters, routinely polling in the mid-thirties.
“Ed Gillespie has embraced Donald Trump’s policies, he’s embraced Donald Trump’s divisive campaign tactics, and he’s been embraced by Donald Trump on Twitter,”  said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “So, what is Ed Gillespie hiding from? Even a DC lobbyist like Ed Gillespie can’t spin the truth: Gillespie would bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Virginia.”