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VIDEO: Gillespie Frustrated Again When Asked About Trump

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During an interview in Fairfax County today, Ed Gillespie grew frustrated yet again when asked about how hopeful he is that President Trump will campaign for him in Virginia. He tersely said  “I’ve answered this question many, many times, but I’m happy to give you that answer again today,” without actually answering the reporter’s question. 

Earlier today, the Washington Post reported that Gillespie grew “visibly irritated” when asked about President Trump.
“If Ed Gillespie is tired of being asked about President Trump, maybe he should try just giving a clear answer and admitting that he supports the President’s agenda,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Instead, his frustrated attempts to dodge questions show Virginia that he puts his own political calculations ahead of the Commonwealth’s voters.”

A transcript of the interaction is below, and video of it is available HERE.

REPORTER: I’d like to ask, too, how hopeful are you right now that President Trump will be here in the final days of the campaign, to help you out?

GILLESPIE: Well, you know, as I’ve noted, President Trump does not disclose military strategy, he’s made a point of that, for not telling enemies what to expect, and I think that’s a good approach to your campaign strategy as well. And so the Democrats are just going to have to wait and find out what our campaign strategy is here in the last twelve days.

REPORTER: How hopeful are you for that?

GILLESPIE: Thank you. I’ve answered this question many, many times but I’m happy to give you that answer again today.