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VIDEO: Fung Flounders, Unable to Answer Basic Questions on Newsmakers

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Failed candidate Mayor Allan Fung came out of hiding this weekend for his first appearance on WPRI’s Newsmakers since his campaign launch six months ago, and… it did not go so well. In the half-hour interview, Fung failed to back up his economic policy proposals, lost his train of thought mid-sentence, contradicted himself on workers’ rights, and more.
See for yourself. Highlights, or should we say lowlights, from his painful interview are below:
When asked how he “would offset the hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue to the state” that his economic plan would create, Fung replied:
Fung: You’re looking at it from just a strictly static um, static way. That it’s just the straight 70 million dollars. We know, even anecdotally um there was the um- uh oh jeez. I forget the decrease in one of their taxes, uh that just happened. Uh was it liquor sales that just happened recently? And you saw a corresponding-
Ted Nesi: Beer, I think a few years ago

Fung previously said he supports making Rhode Island a Right to Work state. His current stance on protecting union workers?
Fung: One thing I believe- let me just take it back into the context too. I was asked during a debate a hypothetical question about Right to Work, and I responded how I did. You know, since that time I have come to learn that Right to Work is not right for Rhode Island and you know first off a bill won’t go through the general assembly. Even if it did I would not sign it- I’m not going to sign it–

So now Fung’s pretending to have workers’ backs, but do they have his?
Fung: I have talked to many individuals who are union and non-union. Uh as far as many of our front line workers, uh laborers, teamsters. Uh you know I am asking everyone for their support.
Seems like a no.
“Failed candidate Fung can’t answer basic questions about his own policy proposals, stumbles over simple explanations and contradicts himself on a major 2014 campaign promise,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “This trainwreck of an
interview speaks for itself — Mayor Allan Fung is nowhere near ready for primetime nor is he ready to lead Rhode Island.”
Watch Fung’s full (and fully painful) Newsmakers appearance here.