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VIDEO: Ed Gillespie: “I Showed Up For” Predatory Student Lenders, Enron Scammers, Outsourcers, Climate Change Deniers….

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In a rare moment of truth during tonight’s debate, career lobbyist Ed Gillespie made his priorities clear by saying “I did show up for my clients…and was effective on their behalf.”

Ed Gillespie has spent his whole life selling out to the highest bidder, and tonight he made clear that he will put his clients like predatory student lenders for whom he worked against making college more affordable, companies that shipped American jobs overseas, companies that laid off hundreds of workers across Virginia, climate change deniers, and Enron ahead of the interests of hardworking Virginia families.

 “It was refreshing to hear career lobbyist Ed Gillespie admit tonight that he showed up for the special interests who paid him,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Ed Gillespie is right: He was ‘effective’ at lobbying for scam artists and special interests whose policies hurt Virginians. Lobbyist Ed Gillespie will always put his personal financial interests ahead of Virginia families. We appreciate him admitting that fact tonight.”