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VIDEO: DGA Launches Video Contrasting Gov. Janet Mills’ Leadership Against Paul LePage’s Failures

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Ahead of Paul LePage’s GOP gubernatorial primary campaign launch, the DGA is releasing a new video contrasting Gov. Janet Mills’ leadership against LePage’s failures on education, health care, and bipartisanship. Watch the video here.

During his failed tenure as governor, LePage underfunded schools by $1.3 billion and blocked health care for Maine families. Since then, Gov. Mills has helped clean up LePage’s mess and put Maine back on track.

Gov. Mills expanded affordable health care for tens of thousands of Mainers on Day One in office, invested a historic amount in Maine’s public schools, has led Maine to near best-in-the-nation results with the COVID-19 pandemic, and worked across the aisle to get Mainers back to work.

“Paul LePage is running on the same unpopular policies that hurt Maine families during his catastrophic governorship,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “After LePage underfunded schools and blocked access to affordable health care, Gov. Janet Mills worked overtime to get Maine back on track. The difference couldn’t be more clear — Gov. Mills is leading Maine forward while LePage tries to drag the state back.”

See below for the full transcript of the one-minute video: 

Narrator: Governor Janet Mills is putting Maine back on track — investing in small businesses, infrastructure, and working families to bring Maine out of an economic crisis.

But Paul LePage wants to take Maine backwards.

Paul LePage underfunded K-12 schools by $1.3 billion and blocked health care for Maine families.

Governor Mills expanded affordable health care, ensuring that 75,000 more Mainers had health care during the pandemic.

She worked across the aisle to get Mainers back to work and Maine moving forward.

News Anchor: Governor Janet Mills has officially signed off on the state’s two-year budget. The governor applauding what many are calling a bipartisan victory.

News Anchor: The budget eases property taxes and also includes a one-time $300 hazard pay program for thousands of frontline workers.

Narrator: A commitment to bipartisanship that Paul LePage never had. Governor Mills wants to keep Maine on track. 

Maine cannot afford to go backwards. Maine cannot afford Paul LePage.