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VIDEO: Dem Govs Lead Pushback to Trump on Child Separation Crisis

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Over the last week, Democratic governors around the country stepped up to fight back against the Trump Administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that has resulted in children being separated from their parents.
Democratic governors took variety of actions to push back against the inhumane practice. They recalledNational Guard troops from the border, set up legal funds for the separated children, and also took legal actionagainst the administration if the policy continued.
Today, the Democratic Governors Association released a new video highlighting the action Democratic governors are taking to fight back against the inhumane policy.
Watch the video here:

Below are statements from Democratic governors standing up to Trump on family separations:
DGA Chair Washington Gov. Jay Inslee:
“Elected officials in Washington are speaking out against the inhumane federal practice of taking children away from parents who enter our country seeking asylum. Willfully inflicting trauma on children is not only unacceptable, it runs counter to our basic character as Americans.”
DGA Vice Chair Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo:
“The Trump administration’s policy of ripping children from the arms of asylum seekers and placing them in detention centers is horrific and immoral. I’m keeping this butterfly on my desk in honor of the innocent children.”
DGA Policy Chair New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:
“No parent should ever be forced apart from their child, and this administration’s inhumane treatment of families is a moral failing and a human tragedy. As the father of three daughters, I cannot imagine the dread and suffering these parents face when their children are taken from them at the border.”
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam:
“We are better than this. In the United States of America, we should have zero tolerance for a policy that separates children, some as young as infants, from their parents.” ­
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper:
“Purposely separating children from their parents is immoral and un-American. Immigration enforcement is a necessary function of our federal government, but it is beyond comprehension that the Trump administration is using these families as pawns to deter immigration. We urge the administration to stop this cruel practice.”
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper:
“The recent policy of separating children from their parents at the border is unconscionable and goes against what our country stands for. The President can stop this right now – and he should.”
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown:
“The Trump Administration’s latest immigration policy is appalling and an affront to our American values. The United States is more than the land of the free, home of the brave. Our nation is a beacon of hope to the hopeless, and a safe refuge to the persecuted.” 
Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy:
“Make no mistake – the Trump administration’s hands are not tied here. There is no law that mandates this practice. They are not being forced or coerced into stealing migrant children away from their parents. They are proactively electing to implement this policy and to take such actions. They are, in effect, taking these children hostage, inflicting a lifelong trauma on their innocent lives. It is cruel.”
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy: 
“For centuries, America has been a refuge for those seeking freedom and yearning for a better life. President Trump has turned this promise on its head. The Trump policy of separating families, housing children in cages, and preventing members of Congress from even seeing the conditions in which migrant families are housed defies any sense of logic and human decency.”
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton:
“Minnesota has not been asked to send any National Guard personnel, equipment, or other resources to assist with immigration enforcement on our country’s southern border. I will refuse to provide any such aid, until the Trump Administration stops its immoral and un-American ripping apart of immigrant families.”
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf:
“While PA proudly sent troops to TX, FL and Puerto Rico for disaster relief and I believe we need to protect our borders from real threats, I oppose state resources being used to further Pres. Trump’s policy of separating young children from their parents.”
Delaware Gov. John Carney:
“Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t hesitate to answer the call. But given what we know about the policies currently in effect at the border, I can’t in good conscience send Delawareans to help with that mission.”
Hawaii Gov. David Ige:
“It’s unfortunate that the current administration does not share the values of, certainly of the people of Hawaii and many around the country. We know that immigration is a big part of the story of Hawaii.”
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards:
“It just tears your heart out because you know it’s unnecessary. We understand the need to secure borders and make sure criminals are not coming in, but those children are not criminals, they’re not terrorists.” 
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock:
“As a governor and as a father, I’m disgusted. I don’t care if it’s the President or Congress – these atrocities must end immediately.”