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VIDEO: CT Gov Candidates To Trump: Come Visit Soon!

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Every GOP Gov Candidate Welcomes Trump to Join Them On The Campaign Trail

At last night’s debate, Connecticut Republicans running for governor rolled out the red carpet for Donald Trump.
Each candidate was asked point blank if they would welcome President Trump to campaign with them, and every single one of them – Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst, David Stemerman, and Steve Obsitnik – said they would.
Watch HERE:

Obsitnik: “I always support our Commander in Chief”
Stemerman: “I would be happy to welcome our Commander in Chief to our state whenever he wants to be here.” 
Boughton: “I absolutely would welcome the Commander in Chief…and would welcome Donald Trump to come here any time he wants.
Herbst: “We absolutely welcome our president and our Commander in Chief when he comes to the state of Connecticut.”   

So there’s your open invite Donald! Time to gas up Air Force One and head to the Nutmeg State. No matter who Republicans nominate this summer, you can be sure that they are all aboard the Trump train.
“It’s official: Connecticut Republicans running for governor are inviting Donald Trump and his disastrous agenda to wreak havoc on their state,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold.“The GOP primary is just one big Trump loyalty test. The last thing Connecticut needs is a governor who will bring in Donald Trump’s chaotic policies and drag the state backward.”