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VIDEO: CT GOV Candidates Double Down on Campaigning With Trump

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All 5 Candidates Would ‘Absolutely’ Invite Trump to Connecticut

Just in case the last invite got lost in the mail, Connecticut Republicans running for governor used last night’s debate to once again invite President Trump to come campaign with them. For months now, First Selectman Tim Herbst, David Stemerman, Mayor Mark Boughton, Bob Stefanowski, and Steve Obsitnik have cozied up to Trump in hopes of winning his supporters in the primary.
Last night’s debate was no exception. Watch them invite Trump to Connecticut here:

Question: Would you want President Trump to campaign with you here in Connecticut?

Stefanowski: Absolutely. I think what he has done for this national economy, we could use some of that here in Connecticut. 

Boughton: Sure. We’d welcome him to the state of Connecticut.

Obsitnik. I’m a military veteran. We always support the Commander in Chief, he’s welcome here.

Stemerman: Absolutely yes. 

Herbst: Absolutely yes.

At this point, it’s very clear by now that they are all aboard the Trump train. They’ve all embraced the president’s harmful policies, given him an “A” grade for his first eighteen months in office, and now beggedhim to campaign in Connecticut twice.
“Connecticut Republicans have already welcomed Donald Trump’s harmful policies into the state, so it’s no surprise they want him to visit too,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “No matter who comes out of next week’s primary, we know they will be a Trump Republican through and through. Connecticut deserves a governor who will stand up to the chaos coming from Washington D.C., not a Trump lapdog.”