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VIDEO: Chuck Todd on Scott Walker’s Reelection: “Running Uphill”

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While in Wisconsin this week, NBC’s Chuck Todd stopped by WMTV in Madison, where he talked about Governor Scott Walker’s reelection odds:
“Look, I think for Governor Walker, this is the first time he’ll be running for governor with the political climate and the political winds in the face of the Republicans. He’s running uphill, and he’s trying to run for a third term,” Todd said.  “I don’t care how popular you are: getting a third term in any office anymore, in this day and age where we want change, where we burn out on people after five or six years, let alone eight. I think that’s just an extra hurdle that it doesn’t matter what his approval rating is, that’s going to be tough for some voters.
Todd’s comments line up with both public polling and Governor Walker’s own take on his campaign. A poll late last year found that Walker’s approval numbers with Wisconsin voters are underwater and he loses in a match up with a generic Democrat by 5 points.
And Walker himself knows this. He recently emailed his supporters, “We could lose” and called a Democratic victory in a State Senate special election earlier this year “a wake-up call.”