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VIDEO: Can’t Handle The Hard Questions, Joe? DGA Releases Video Showcasing Joe Lombardo’s Murky Rationale for Running

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With Joe Lombardo continuing to tease his entrance into the Republican primary race for Nevada governor, the DGA released a video today showcasing Lombardo’s inability to answer the simplest question: but why? 

Despite his interest in entering the primary, Lombardo can’t give a clear answer about why he’s running. Instead, Lombardo’s vaguely offered up a “do better” line. The problem with that? Lombardo can’t even tell us what “do better” looks like. 

Lombardo’s inability to answer the easy questions should come as no surprise – as sheriff, Lombardo has been dodging thehardquestions asked of his department. But despite being predictable, it’s not a good look. The questions are just going to keep coming, Joe. 

Gov. Steve Sisolak has delivered actual results for Nevada during his first term in office, guaranteeing aid for small businesses, and spearheading a pandemic response that an overwhelming majority of Nevadans support. 

Watch the video here

“How does Joe Lombardo plan on leading the state when he can’t even name a single thing he’d like to accomplish as governor?” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “It seems like Joe Lombardo is eying this race to boost his resume, not to improve the lives of everyday Nevadans. Nevadans need leaders they can count on to have their backs in times of crisis — not someone without a plan who simply wants the promotion.”