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VIDEO: Buehler Flubs Student’s Debate Question on LGBTQ Bullying

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Pressed 3 Times, Buehler Won’t Even Say “LGBTQ”

In the key moment of last night’s Oregon gubernatorial debate, Rose Lawrence, a 15-year-old student from Portland, repeatedly took Knute Buehler to task for failing to answer her question about stopping the bullying of LGBTQ youth in Oregon schools.
After Buehler’s vague initial answer failed to address specifically how he would support LGBTQ students, Lawrence pressed him again to answer her question. She said, “I would like to focus specifically on LGBT students and how they can experience bullying and harassment as a result of their sexuality.”
In his second attempt, Buehler did not so much as say the phrase “LGBTQ.” And his third cringeworthy try was no better.
Meanwhile, Governor Kate Brown, the nation’s first openly LGBTQ governor, spoke clearly about her personal experience and record on the issue.
According to the Salem Reporter, “After the hour-long televised debate, Lawrence said she took exception to Buehler’s responses to her. She said it seemed like Buehler was unprepared for the question, and it made her wonder how seriously he took her concern. ‘Buehler did not even use the term LGBT,’ she said.”
Read more about Buehler’s major flub in the Salem Reporter or watch his cringe-worthy performance HERE.