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VIDEO: Brownback, Human Warning Label For Terrible Tax Schemes, Comes to Washington

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Kansas Gov Responsible for State’s Economic Disaster

Today, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is in Washington D.C. for his confirmation hearing in the Senate. But before the  governor takes up his cushy post leading the Office of International Religious Freedom, the DGA released a new video to remind everyone of the financial chaos he engineered with his failed tax policies.

Watch the video HERE:

Brownback’s arrival in D.C. could also serve as a timely warning for national Republicans. President Trump and Republicans in Congress are pushing a tax plan that bears an uncanny resemblance to the failed tax policies that created the disaster in Kansas.

NPR reports: 

Members of Congress might want to familiarize themselves with the story of Kansas’ failed tax-cutting experiment as they begin deliberations on President Donald Trump’s tax-reform plan.

It could serve as a cautionary tale because some elements of the president’s updated proposal mirror pieces of the tax-cut plan that Republican Gov. Sam Brownback pushed through the state legislature in 2012, promising it would deliver a “shot of adrenaline” to the Kansas economy.

It didn’t. Instead, revenues crashed, forcing Brownback and lawmakers to resort to spending cuts, borrowing and accounting tricks to maintain a balanced budget.

Brownback’s tax plan resulted in hundred million dollar budget shortfalls, school shutdowns, and credit downgrades. The “experiment” was such an unmitigated disaster that Republicans and Democrats in the legislature banned together to repeal the cuts this past summer.

In regards to the national GOP latching onto the same failed economic principles, University of Kansas professor Burdett Loomis said it best: “Are you kidding me?”

“Governor Sam Brownback is the poster-child for failed tax policy in America,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Brownback ran Kansas into the ground, hurting schools and starving health services. Now that he’s in Washington D.C., perhaps Brownback could teach Congressional Republicans about the economic disaster their policies would create.”