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VIDEO: “Back with Jack”: Jack Ciattarelli Wants to Drag New Jersey Back to the Christie Era

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The DGA released a video today highlighting how Jack Ciattarelli wants to bring New Jersey back to the Christie administration. 

As a longtime state legislator, Ciattarelli was a huge supporter of the Christie administration, helping Christie attack teachers, public servants, and women’s reproductive health care. He also helped Christie drag New Jersey’s credit rating down eleven times. Ciattarelli and his family even generously donated $16,000 to advance Christie’s political career. 
Phil Murphy has worked to undo the mess Ciattarelli and Christie created and made New Jersey stronger – boosting the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2024and supporting teachers, small businesses, and working families.

Watch the video here.

“Jack Ciattarelli wants to drag New Jersey backwards into the failed days of the Chris Christie era,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Under Gov. Murphy, New Jersey has made tremendous progress on affordable health care, public education, and support for working families. New Jersey can’t afford to go back with Jack – it’s time to move forward and build a stronger, fairer New Jersey.”