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VIDEO: As President Obama Stumps for Ralph Northam, Ed Gillespie Won’t Answer Whether He Will Campaign with President Trump

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As President Obama is about to take the stage in Richmond to stump for Ralph Northam, the Democratic Governors Association reminds observers that Ed Gillespie continues to dodge when asked about campaigning with President Trump. On Fox News just this morning, Ed Gillespie refused to answer a clear question about whether he would campaign with President Trump and pivoted back to Vice President Pence’s disastrous appearance on the campaign trail for him last weekend.
This latest awkward dodge underscores the tough position Gillespie is in running in a state where Trump’s popularity is abysmal but Gillespie needs the backing of his diehard supporters. His refusal to answer clearly about Trump is sure to further antagonize a base that already doesn’t trust Gillespie, and it’s not likely to appease the anti-Trump majority in the Commonwealth.
“Ed Gillespie continues to contort himself into ridiculous positions when asked about President Trump, and voters can see right through it,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “He tap dances to appease Trump’s base in a state where the President is toxic, but Virginia voters know a vote for Gillespie is a vote for Trump’s agenda in the Commonwealth.”