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Vice: “The Colorado GOP Just Went All In on Election Conspiracies”

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New Reporting Highlights How the GOP Gubernatorial Primary “Will Be Crowded with Candidates Who Insist the 2020 Election Was Stolen”

TLDR: The Colorado GOP candidates for governor are right-wing conspiracy theorists and people are taking notice. New reporting from Vice is exposing how the Colorado GOP’s primary ballot will be filled with far-right extremists — starting with the candidates for governor.

READ from Vice: The Colorado GOP Just Went All In on Election Conspiracies

The article highlights how, after a messy state assembly, Colorado Republicans nominated a group of candidates that includes Tina Peters, the secretary of state candidate currently facing criminal charges for election tampering. GOP gov candidate and “major election conspiracy booster” Greg Lopez won the top spot on the ballot after promising to pardon Peters if elected, and “embracing the election conspiracy line,” saying “it is time we clear up our voter rolls and stop the ballot harvesting.”

Also on the ballot is Heidi Ganahl, another election conspiracist who wouldn’t say Joe Biden was legitimately elected. On top of that, Ganahl has proudly endorsed a vigilante-style anti-democracy group that is facing a lawsuit for voter intimidation, saying the group is full of “great people” who are “doing great things.”

Colorado Republicans also briefly put “conspiracy guru” Joe Oltmann on the ballot for governor, who has called for Gov. Polis to be hanged and founded an anti-democracy militia group. However, Oltmann declined the nomination, apparently deciding that there were enough extremists on the ballot already.

“Colorado Republicans’ top priority is undermining our democracy and the candidates for governor have completely embraced their agenda of spreading dangerous, right-wing conspiracy theories,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As the primary drags on, the candidates are going deeper down the far-right rabbit hole, and further away from the values that Coloradans actually care about.”