VICE: Mastriano Victory Could Put PA Elections In the Hands of “Two QAnon-Linked, Election-Denying Conspiracy Theorists”

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Today, Vice reported that, if elected, Doug Mastriano could appoint a MAGA extremist who co-founded Audit the Vote PA as Pennsylvania’s next secretary of the Commonwealth.

“This all means that if Mastriano wins this fall, the administration of the 2024 presidential election in the nation’s largest swing state could be in the hands of two QAnon-linked, election-denying conspiracy theorists who are hell-bent on upending the current election system,” Vice wrote.

Toni Shuppe first got on Donald Trump and Mastriano’s radar when she led a push pressuring lawmakers to audit Pennsylvania’s 2020 election. Like Mastriano, she’s embraced some of the most fringe Q-Anon conspiracy theories.

She’s said “every state needs to secede from the Federal government,” claimed former President Barack Obama was “born in Kenya,” declared the official story of the September 11th terror attacks a “lie,” and called the January 6th insurrection “a set up.”In his attempts to undermine free and fair elections, Mastriano has already surrounded himself with conspiracy theorists like Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis and brought Rudy Guliani to the State Senate to testify while also saying he could decertify “every [voting] machine in the state with a stroke of a pen.”

“Doug Mastriano and Toni Shuppe are two peas in a pod when it comes to spreading conspiracies and undermining democracy,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “If Mastriano is elected governor, the future of the Commonwealth will be in the hands of bonkers Q-Anon conspiracy theorists. He’s just too dangerous for Pennsylvania.”

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