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Vermont Republicans Are Fed Up With Phil Scott 

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Vermont Gov. Phil Scott just can’t seem to get his party behind him. And over the past couple of months, it’s only gotten worse.
Scott is feuding with the state’s GOP chairwoman and even suggested the state party needs new leadership. And Scott hasn’t recovered from a primary challenger in 2018 who said he has been a “huge disappointment.”
In a new op-ed, Vermont attorney John Klar details how Republicans are fed up with Scott, even saying he has been a “sheep in wolf’s clothing.”
Read more about Republicans’ problems with Phil Scott:
True North Reports: John Klar: Vermont conservatives have had enough of their RINO governor
When a few branches are dragged strategically from a swollen beaver dam, the sudden release of rushing water quickly widens the breach, and all the beavers’ tireless efforts are swept away in mere minutes. In Vermont, the waters of resentment have risen steadily behind the faulty dam constructed tirelessly by “Republican” Governor Phil Scott.
The Vermont GOP’s 21st-Century schizoid clan now presides over an utter rout, as drowsily oblivious as the sloppy designers of Vermont’s crumbling ideological barricade. Within these swirling waters has arisen a well organized, highly motivated collection of those disenfranchised woodchucks, and they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. Tenacious and weathered, Vermont’s natives are now being fueled by the same GOP schisms, only reversed — they will no longer stomach Scott at the helm, they do not wish to have their state’s future determined solely by a national referendum on Donald Trump, and they will not be controlled by the old-guard GOP sarcophagi.
A coalition of Vermont neighbors has entwined the state’s Republicans and Libertarians into a political challenge to Governor Phil Scott, promising the “git’r done” work ethic and integrity of the authentic loggers and farmers who are forming both its leadership and its base.
Army veteran and Vermont farmer Terry Williams explains:
“The majority of Vermonters are overtaxed, overregulated, and feel completely disconnected from their elected representatives. Our supposedly Republican Governor has been a sheep in wolf’s clothing, and the flock has tired of being devoured.  People everywhere are just plain furious.  People are stepping forward who have never even voted before. They will vote now!”