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Vermont Gov. Phil Scott Fails to Protect Vermonters

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Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott last week vetoed a gun safety measure aimed at reducing firearm-caused suicides in. The bill, which would have implemented a 24-hour waiting period for the purchase of a firearm, was the effort of Alyssa and Rob Black whose 23-year-old son died by suicide with a gun he had purchased just a few hours prior.
Gov. Phil Scott’s veto came as a new report emerged that found suicide rates among teens and young adults are the highest in nearly two decades.
“Gov. Phil Scott’s political cowardice won out over Vermonters’ lives last week,” said DGA communications director David Turner. “Instead of signing life-saving legislation, Gov. Scott delivered a political cop-out. Scott needs to explain to victims and Vermonters why he didn’t sign this common sense measure.”