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USA Today Highlights How Democratic Governors Are Delivering Real Results after Big Wins in 2022

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New reporting from USA Today highlights how Democratic governors are taking advantage of their historic wins in the midterms to get things done and protect fundamental freedoms like reproductive and voting rights for Americans, writing:

“A divided Washington with modest majorities means tough negotiations in Congress and probably gridlock… But among Democratic leaders and progressives outside of D.C., there is more optimism; after the midterm elections last year, 140 million Americans now live in Democratic-controlled states versus 137 million who reside in GOP-controlled states…” “Last year, Democrats regained the governor’s office in Maryland and Massachusetts in addition to flipping legislative chambers in Minnesota and the battleground state of Michigan, where Democrats have a ‘trifecta’, or both legislative chambers plus the governor’s office, for the first time since 1983.”

Specific examples in the USA Today report include:

  • Minnesota Gov. Walz, who was featured for codifying reproductive rights into state law with new Democratic majorities, told USA Today: “It was really important for the first time for many of us to not be on defense around this fundamental right of reproductive freedom and access to abortion, to go on the offensive and make sure we were codifying it.”
  • Maryland Gov. Wes Moore “recently used his executive power to release about $3.5 million for an abortion care training program” and “wants to revive a $2.9 billion light-rail line project and has tapped into about $70 million of unused funds aimed at combating climate change, paid family leave for low-income workers and expungement efforts around the legalization of cannabis.”
  • With Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “at the helm” of a new trifecta, Democrats are focused on “repealing the retirement tax to help seniors” and “increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit.”