UPDATE: Fung’s Silence Speaks Volumes

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This spring, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung absurdly “declined to comment” on criticism that he has far too often declined to comment on the issues that matter to Rhode Island families. Since then, Fung has continued to stonewall and refuse to let voters know where he stands.
Here are just some of the issues on which Fung has recently refused to comment:

  • June 12: Fung refused to speak out against the Trump Administration’s plan to take health care away from 463,000 Rhode Islanders.
  • June 19: “Fung’s campaign refused comment on the practice by the Trump Administration of separating children from their family at the border.”
  • June 28: Fung “politely” declined to comment on a bill to protect women’s access to health care.
  • July 26: Fung “declined to comment” on Rhode Island’s free community college tuition program.
  • July 27: Fung would not answer questions regarding health care coverage for low-wage workers.

“How could Rhode Islanders possibly trust Mayor Fung to lead if he won’t even let them know where he stands on the important issues facing the state?” said Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “His constant refusals to comment show he doesn’t take seriously the responsibilities of being governor. While Fung may try to ‘politely decline’ to comment, Rhode Islanders won’t be so polite in declining to vote for him.”