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UPDATE: Daniel Cameron’s Lies Come Crashing Down

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UPDATE: Daniel Cameron’s Lies Come Crashing Down

The Daily Beast: “Cameron’s office subpoenaed Edgewater the same month he asked for the contributions.”

The Daily Beast has released a follow up report with bombshell revelations including “major inconsistencies” in Daniel Cameron’s claims about the Edgewater donations scandal. 

According to the report, “the state AG’s office issued a statement claiming Cameron recused himself from the state probe into an addiction recovery center ‘immediately’ after becoming aware that company officials had donated to his campaign. But according to the company, Edgewater Recovery Center, Cameron should have been aware of the donations all along; he first personally solicited the company in January—four months before recusing from the matter—then personally asked for money again in March, just before his office subpoenaed the company.”

Additionally, Cameron initially also claimed that the previously discussed fundraiser to be hosted by Edgewater in support of his campaign was “canceled,” but according to a source, the event “was never canceled, just never finalized.”

New Report Reveals Daniel Cameron “Directly Solicited Donations” from Organization His Office is Investigating

A new bombshell report from the Associated Press reveals that “Daniel Cameron directly solicited donations for his gubernatorial campaign from executives with a Kentucky drug treatment organization that his office began investigating last year, according to an attorney for the organization.”

As the report notes, “several Edgewater executives later donated thousands of dollars to Cameron’s campaign during the spring primary campaign.”

An initial report by The Daily Beast revealed that Cameron accepted nearly $7,000 from various executives of Edgewater, and only recused himself from the investigation after “an open records request threatened to reveal the existence of that investigation,” and threatened to expose Cameron.

At the time, Cameron’s office claimed he was not aware of the contributions, but the Associated Press report detailing how Cameron was personally soliciting donations from Edgewater executives raises major red flags. The report from The Daily Beast further explained that Cameron only returned the money “after winning the primary election that the donations helped fund.”

“This deeply alarming report makes it clear Daniel Cameron had a serious conflict of interest by personally soliciting and accepting donations from an organization that his office was investigating – and then he tried to lie to cover it up,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Daniel Cameron’s messy record of failing Kentuckians is finally being exposed – and even Mitch McConnell’s babysitter won’t be able to clean it up.”