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Under Fire, Ducey Insults Teachers

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While Teachers Are Trying to Make Ends Meet, Doug Ducey Says They Are “Playing Games”

It’s a lesson every first grader gets at some point during their school year. Never talk back to the teacher.
However, Governor Doug Ducey seems to have missed the underlying point of this important life lesson: treat others with respect and listen to what they are saying.
Yesterday, while conducting an interview on Arizona radio, 300 #RedforEd protesters came to speak with the governor who has refused to meet with them. They simply want to discuss increasing education funding to meet the national average and a livable wage, as Arizona ranks dead last in teacher pay to something that equates to a living wage,
Governor Ducey’s response?  Teachers are just “playing games,” and he’s already addressed their concerns. He then went on to dismiss the organic, bipartisan movement as “political movement.”
“Doug Ducey is playing with fire if he thinks he can dismiss the very real concerns teachers have about Arizona’s underfunded education system and abysmal teacher salaries,” said David Turner, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “Instead of making smart aleck comments about educators, maybe he should take the time to meet with them so he actually understands how his policies are hurting students. Only Doug Ducey thinks that funding education is a game.”