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Um, What? Former Presidential Candidate and RGA Chair Scott Walker Claims He’s Not A ‘National Figure’ To Avoid Questions on Gun Safety

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At the National Governors Association in Washington, DC this weekend, former presidential contender and Chairman of the RGA Scott Walker laughably tried to get out of answering questions on gun safety by claiming he’s not a ‘national figure.’
The Daily Beast reported,

This weekend, when The Daily Beast asked Wisconsin governor and failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker about gun control, he reverted back to the NRA’s usual guidance for responding to mass shootings and went mum.
“What do you think about the president calling for arming teachers?” The Daily Beast asked as Walker and an entourage of staffers and state troopers made their way to a bank of elevators in the fancy hotel the governors took over, mere blocks from the White House.
“I’m focused on the transportation,” Walker replied.
“So you’re not even tuned in to the national debate?” The Daily Beast asked.
“I’m not talking about that,” Walker said as he impatiently waited for a slow elevator to whisk him away. “Not talking about that right now. No, I’m not here as a national figure. I’m here as a governor.”
Walker may pretend gun violence is a national issue that doesn’t touch his state, but a cursory look at Wisconsin’s history shows that’s not the case. In 2012, it was the site of the slaughter of six worshippers at a Sikh temple. And in 2017, when Milwaukee went from being ranked ninth to 15th among America’s most deadly cities, it prompted cheers at home.

Walker’s newfound non-national status must come as a surprise to all of the non-Wisconsin Republicans he has campaigned for recently including: Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (who was recently indicted on charges related to sexual blackmail), US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, President Donald Trump, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Michigan gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette, and West Virginia Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey.
And in fact, during NGA weekend last year, Walker even gave an interview to the Washington Post in a video entitled, “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) discussed how states can move the needle on national issues.”
“Scott Walker abandoned the people of Wisconsin to pursue his national ambitions, so it’s absurd that he would now pretend that’s not the case,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Wisconsin deserves better than these laughable excuses to dodge questions.”