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Ugly GOP Primary Drags On in Kansas

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Colyer-Kobach Continue Endless Battle Over Who Gets to Carry the Brownback Torch 

After a year of nasty campaigning and party infighting, Kansas Republicans were looking forward to a merciful end to the race between Gov. Jeff Colyer and Sec. of State Kris Kobach.
Not so fast.
The count with 100 percent of precincts reporting had Colyer and Kobach separated by 191 votes. We’re going to a recount and this primary is far from over. Instead of unifying behind one candidate and focusing on the general election, the fractured Kansas GOP has a mess on its hands.
“Kansas voters don’t need to wait for the ugly Colyer-Kobach fight to finish because either one of them would be four more years of Sam Brownback’s terrible policies,” said DGA Spokesman Alex Japko. “Sam Brownback ran the state’s economy into the ground, and both Kobach and Colyer have pledged to double down on his policies. Laura Kelly is the only candidate in this race who will bring real change to move Kansas beyond the Brownback years once and for all.”