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Two Peas in a Pod: Jindal and Vitter

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Two Peas in a Pod: Jindal and Vitter

Vitter offers third term of failed Jindal policies 

Today, the man who David Vitter endorsed for governor 3 separate times, returned to Louisiana for one last trip before Saturday’s election.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal returned to the Bayou State from the campaign trail and met with reporters in Baton Rouge. Jindal’s visit comes less than 72 hours before Vitter faces voters in his campaign for governor.

Vitter has supported Gov. Jindal, endorsing him for governor three separate times: in 2003, 2007 and 2011.

David Vitter and Bobby Jindal are two peas in a pod on economic policy,” said Jared Leopold, Communications Director at the DGA. “Both Vitter and Jindal have pledged their loyalty to DC lobbyist Grover Norquist and his economic plan that drove Louisiana’s budget into the ditch. There’s no question that David Vitter’s campaign means a 3rd term for Bobby Jindal’s economic plan.”

Jindal’s return to the Bayou comes as David Vitter makes a “desperate last stand” and is entering the final stretch of the campaign “dragging the damage of self-inflicted wounds like a detached bumper,” writes the National Journal


2003: Vitter Endorsed Jindal For Governor. “Saying Republican front-runner Bobby Jindal is the only candidate that can instantly transform Louisiana’s good ol’ boy reputation and boost the state’s fortunes, U.S. Rep. David Vitter, R-Metairie, gave his endorsement Friday to the former state and federal health official.” [The Times-Picayune, 9/27/03]

2007: Vitter Endorsed Bobby Jindal For Governor And Urged Republicans To Unite Behind Him. “U.S. Sen. David Vitter used the day of Boasso’s announcement to endorse Jindal and urged Republicans to get behind the congressman. ‘By uniting early and supporting Bobby we can provide his campaign with the momentum he needs to win,’ Vitter told supporters in an e-mail message.” [The Advocate, 2/6/07]

2011: Vitter “Strongly Endors[ed]” Jindal For Another Term. “U.S. Sen. David Vitter announced Wednesday that he is backing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s re-election bid despite the governor’s silence last year on Vitter’s re-election campaign. ‘I am strongly endorsing Bobby Jindal for Governor. I hope you will join with me in doing everything we can to ensure a particularly strong victory for Bobby and our state,’ Vitter, R-La., wrote to supporters in an email.” [The Advocate, 6/30/11]

Vitter Emphasized Jindal’s Competence. “Vitter characterized the Republican governor as honest and competent. He coupled his endorsement with a request for money to help Jindal become as bold as possible.” [The Advocate, 6/30/11]

2015: Bobby Jindal Signed Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge in September. According ot the Advocate, “The governor is signing on, again, to a “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” from a Washington lobbying group, Americans for Tax Reform. While it sounds good, we know from bitter experience just how unformed can be budgets based on an anti-tax theology interpreted by ATR founder Grover Norquist. ‘Gov. Jindal understands that government should be reformed so that it takes and spends less of the taxpayers’ money, and will oppose tax increases that paper over and continue the failures of the past,’ Norquist sad, as Jindal singed the pledge for his presidential run.” [The Advocate, 9/3/15]

2010: David Vitter Signed The Americans For Tax Reform Pledge As Louisiana’s Senator. [Pledge Signers, Americans for Tax Reform, 112th Congress via] 

Americans For Tax Reform Actively Shaped Louisiana’s Budget Under Jindal, Who Signed The Pledge Not To Raise Taxes Even In The Face Of Extreme Cuts For Higher Education And Health Care. “A national anti-tax group, Americans for Tax Reform, gave full-throated, public support to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s state budget proposal Wednesday morning (March 4) at Jindal officials have been consulting with Americans for Tax Reform, based in Washington D.C., about what the governor can and cannot do to close Louisiana’s projected $1.6 billion shortfall in the state budget next year. Jindal signed the organization’s famous pledge not to raise taxes and is trying to stick to his commitment, even in the face of extreme cuts for higher education and health care services.” [The Times-Picayune, 3/4/15]