Two Days Later, Has Bruce Rauner “Given Any Thought” to Deploying Illinois National Guard on Border?

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Two days ago, Governor Bruce Rauner brushed off a question whether he would deploy the Illinois National Guard on the border if asked by President Donald Trump, saying he had not given it “any thought whatsoever.” Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of 10 governors said they would either refuse orders or pull back troops from service.
Rauner was of clearer mind just a few months ago, however, when he told NPR Illinois he would “honor that request” from the “commander-in-chief of our military.”
“It’s been two days – has Bruce Rauner given any thought to deploying the Illinois’ National Guard on the border?” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner has done everything he can to avoid criticizing President Trump instead of fighting for Illinois families. Will Rauner finally take action or will his failed leadership continue?”