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‘Twas Filing Week In North Carolina And The Republican Infighting Has Already Begun

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The sparks are already flying in the North Carolina Republican gubernatorial primary…and it started during filing week. So much for party unity.
State Rep. Holly Grange wasted no time going after Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and said she doesn’t “come from a political family” and that she would “appeal to more moderate Republicans.”
Hmm, what’s Rep. Grange talking about? Is it Dan Forest’s role as chief architect of the job-killing HB2, which cost North Carolina $3.76 billion in economic activity? Or is it Forest’s palling around with social extremists who put their out-of-touch views ahead of North Carolina? We’d love some clarification from Grange.
Despite her attempts to pretend she’s something else, Grange is no moderate either. She was an active participant in the Republican budget games that left 500,000 North Carolinans from having affordable health care. And she voted to siphon funds away from public schools to unaccountable private schools.
“North Carolina Republicans are already fighting over the same issues that tore the party apart in 2016,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Spending a primary relitigating HB2 is a nightmare scenario for North Carolina Republicans. Forest and Grange are blinded in a race to the right and it’s only going to get worse from here.”