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Tuesday Night’s Results Are A Warning Sign For Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

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On Tuesday, Gov. Mike Parson suffered a defeat in a Missouri House seat Trump won by 5 points. The DGA pulled off a stunning win in Kentucky, a state Trump won by nearly 30 points. These results spell trouble for unelected Parson’s re-election.
Trish Gunby won a St. Louis County-based House seat by overperforming a generic Democrat by 19 points. The seat sits in suburban St. Louis, another example of the growing trend of suburban voters moving towards common-sense candidates.
A longtime Republican strategist close to the Parson campaign admitted that when it comes to the national headwinds, the “trajectory isn’t great” and “the governor is just not going to overperform the top of the ticket.”
“Tuesday’s election wins for Democrats spells trouble for Mike Parson in 2020,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Parson’s extreme agenda that holds health care to 200,000 Missourians hostage and leaves schools underfunded was even rejected in a district Trump won. Missourians are ready for a governor focused on improving the lives of working families and that’s why Parson is in trouble next November.”