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Trump’s Visit to Nevada Puts Joe Lombardo Between MAGAism and a Hard Place

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With Trump set to visit Nevada to campaign for Joe Lombardo tomorrow, Lombardo is caught in a tricky spot. He still can’t seem to pick a side: Lombardo has gone back and forth between trying to distance himself from Trump and praising his failed leadership.

On the debate stage earlier this week, Lombardo was lukewarm about Trump, saying he wouldn’t use the word “great” to describe him. But, immediately after the debate, his campaign hastily declared that Trump was a great president with some of the “most impactful” accomplishments in history.

So, which one is it, Joe?

As the countdown to Trump’s visit gets closer, will Lombardo’s halfhearted embrace of Trump win over the president and his far-right base? Or, will Lombardo be the latest Republican to face Trump’s wrath?

“Lombardo’s opinion of Trump seems to be blowing freely in the political wind,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “But fully embrace Trump or not, Lombardo’s already proven to Nevadans that he can’t be trusted. Voters won’t stand for someone who will backtrack and swap sides when he thinks it’s politically convenient.”