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Trump vs. RGA 2.0

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Trump vs. RGA 2.0

The Republican Governors Association continues to be forced to fend off attacks from the leader of their own party as former President Donald Trump took to social media to attack RGA Chair and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. The Des Moines Register noted that Reynolds is refusing the comment on the attacks from Trump.

 This is nothing new for the RGA – during the 2022 cycle, Trump was in an open feud with then-RGA Chair and Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey. This feud led to nearly a dozen messy and expensive primaries against incumbent Republican governors, including in Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, and Texas that cost the RGA over $13 million, which went on to hurt them as they lost major races in November in states like Arizona, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan and more.

“Few things are as reliable as the RGA and Donald Trump being at each other’s throats, and that continues to be the case with RGA Chair Gov. Kim Reynolds and the start of what could become a nasty feud,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “With key races on the line in 2023 and 2024, the RGA remains in disarray.”