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Trump Visits New Hampshire To See Chris Sununu, His #1 New England Fan

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New poll shows Trump 26 points underwater in New Hampshire

Today, President Trump is visiting New Hampshire to see his #1 fan, Gov. Chris Sununu.
Chris Sununu worked hard to earn this trip. He’s traveled to the White House to suck up to Trump even after he called New Hampshire a “drug infested den.” New England’s biggest Trump cheerleader touts his relationship with the White House but isn’t willing to stand up to Trump on behalf of Granite State families.
Sununu stood with Trump when he cheered for the end of the Affordable Care Act, which would eliminate one of the most effective tools to combat the opioid epidemic—leaving Granite Staters struggling with addiction behind.
And Sununu, a “man like Trump,” used his political office to benefit his friends and cronies.
Last week, Sununu showed his real “Trump card” by vetoing three common sense gun safety measures and putting his loyalty with the NRA ahead of the safety of Granite State families.
With a new poll out this week showing Trump 26 points underwater in the state, Sununu’s unflinching loyalty is incredibly out-of-step with New Hampshire.
“Regardless of what happens at tonight’s rally, we know Chris Sununu is with Donald Trump no matter what,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Granite Staters are paying the price for the harmful Trump-Sununu agenda while Sununu and Trump enrich themselves and their friends. New Hampshire deserves a governor who stands up for them, not someone like Chris Sununu who drops everything for Trump.”