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Trump Takes Proxy War to Ducey’s Home Turf with Kari Lake Rally

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Pence Has “Dramatic Split-Screen Moment Opposite Trump” As He Campaigns for Karrin Taylor Robson

The Trump-Pence-Ducey-RGA civil war is coming to a head today as Trump and Pence travel to Arizona to hold dueling campaign events for their opposing GOP primary candidates.

The chaos comes after Pence endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson against Trump’s candidate of choice, Kari Lake. Meanwhile, Ducey continues his ongoing beef with Trump, slamming “Fake Lake” on national television and refusing to say if the RGA, which he co-chairs, will endorse Lake if she’s the nominee.

In his rally, Trump will undoubtedly go on the attack against Taylor Robson, Pence, and Ducey, who he’s dubbed an “unelectable RINO.”

He’s also certain to bring up his baseless conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen — lies that both Lake and Taylor Robson have pushed throughout their campaigns.

“The Arizona GOP primary for governor has morphed into an extremist battle royale, with the candidates and their attack dogs not hesitating to divide the Republican base even further,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Trump has a vendetta against Pence, Ducey, and the RGA — and his attacks will only escalate from here on.”