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Trump, Pence, Ducey, and RGA Pull No Punches in Nasty Arizona GOP Civil War

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This weekend, the chaotic GOP primary for Arizona governor got even messier as Mike Pence endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson against Trump’s pick, Kari Lake. To make matters worse, Doug Ducey blasted Lake on national television and refused to say the RGA, which he co-chairs, would endorse Lake if she wins the primary.

Dueling endorsements, conspiracy theories, and name-calling have made the primary a “proxy fight” between Republican leaders, escalating existing tensions between Trump, Pence, and Ducey.

Pence will campaign for Robson Friday, creating “a dramatic split-screen moment opposite Trump” as Trump rallies for Lake the same day.

Ducey took sides against Trump by endorsing Robson earlier this month, and on CNN’s State of the Union yesterday, he echoed Robson’s name-calling, dubbing Lake “Fake Lake” and saying her candidacy is “all an act.”

It’s becoming increasingly doubtful that the GOP will unite behind the eventual nominee — Ducey refused to commit when asked directly if the RGA would support Lake.

“The Arizona GOP primary for governor has completely imploded the Republican Party and set the RGA on a dangerous collision course with Trump,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson race each other to the far-right, it’s clear that neither will be able to unify their deeply divided base.”