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Trump Loves Gillespie’s False Negative Ads; No One Else Does

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Reviews on Gillespie’s Ads: ‘Twist Truth,’  ‘Divisive,’ ‘Dog Whistle’

As commentators across the political spectrum have condemned Ed Gillespie’s nasty and misleading MS-13 ads, there’s one influential cable news viewer who likes them: President Donald Trump.

And it’s no wonder why—in a fit of desperation, Ed Gillespie has gone full Trump in an attempt to close his campaign’s massive enthusiasm gap. Here’s what everyone other than President Trump has to say about these nasty ads:

Washington Post Editorial: Ed Gillespie wants Virginians to be very, very afraid

Gillespie has twisted truth to suit his purpose, and pandered to nativists in the Republican base, by trying to link his Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, to the MS-13 scourge. 

Mr. Gillespie’s aides…bristle at suggestions that he is using divisive, Trump-style tactics. Yet when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is, Mr. Gillespie is going full Trump.

Jennifer Rubin: Gillespie’s cultural-warrior act isn’t working

“Gillespie even released “Willie Horton”-type ads like this one hoping to gin up his numbers with those white Republicans who imagine illegal immigrants are a threat to their safety.

Maybe that will help him recover support from a few downstate anti-immigrant conservatives. However, it’s likely to remind Northern Virginians of Trump’s xenophobic outlook, which Gillespie has donned for the sake of political convenience.

…Gillespie’s descent…to faux-Trumpian candidate in 2017 — epitomizes today’s GOP. Lacking ideas to improve voters’ lives  — or the courage to run on such ideas — they fall back on base-pleasing themes that turn off the rest of the electorate. That might work for Roy Moore in Alabama, but Virginia isn’t Alabama. Someone should tell that to Gillespie’s team.”

Norman Leahy: Ed Gillepsie’s dog whistle

“In case you couldn’t hear it, it’s a dog whistle that echoes Donald Trump’s presidential campaign kick-off statement regarding illegal immigrants from Mexico and the troubles they bring to America.

… Trump toppled the conventional wisdom pillar and post as he marched into the Oval Office. Maybe Gillespie thinks a slightly more subtle approach can work again, one not using Trump’s words (and never his name) but a dog whistle wrapped around a legislative sleight of hand shrouded in a horror movie cloak.

That’a a triple bank shot that requires a lot of skill — and even more cynicism — to work.” Misleading

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie is airing a misleading TV ad in Virginia that says Democrat Ralph Northam was the “deciding vote” in “favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal immigrants back on the streets.”