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Trump Endorses Tim Michels in Wisconsin, Pouring Gasoline On Far-Right GOP Primary Dumpster Fire

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Months after Wisconsin’s radical, scammer businessman, Tim Michels flew down to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Trump’s ring, the former president announced he’s endorsing Michels, fracturing the already divided Republican Party in Wisconsin and setting off a sprint to the right in the GOP primary.

Trump’s endorsement just turned the dumpster fire primary into a five-alarm fire and will inevitably spur more infighting and division in an already chaotic GOP primary for governor. Just a couple of weeks ago, Republicans at the state convention failed to come together and endorse a candidate for governor. Now, the party is more divided than ever.

The candidates in the field were already in a race to the right. Now, other candidates in the field like Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson will have to go to extremes to court fringe GOP votes and prove they’re the most conservative candidate in the race.

Michels also promised Wisconsinites they’ll be seeing more of Donald Trump before the primary is over. Addressing the possibility of Trump coming to Wisconsin for a campaign rally in a radio interview this morning, Michels said “I’m sure he will.” 

“Trump’s endorsement just turned the race to the right in the GOP primary into an all-out sprint,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Instead of talking about the issues that impact Wisconsinites in their everyday lives, the primary will be defined by extreme stances on divisive policies like banning abortion without exceptions, conspiracy theories on the 2020 election, and giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy. Regardless of whether the candidate who makes it out of this primary is endorsed by Trump or not, their far-right agenda will be too extreme for Wisconsin.”