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Trump Campaign Chose New Hampshire For Rally Because He Knows Gov. Chris Sununu Prioritizes Partisan Interests Over Lives

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“Battleground states with Democratic governors, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, have indicated they wouldn’t waive health regulations to allow large gatherings”

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was all ready to roll out the red carpet for President Trump when it was postponed, allegedly due to inclement weather. The rally shouldn’t be happening tomorrow or in a few weeks, in fact the Associated Press reports the Trump campaign only chose New Hampshire because other states’ governors would have refused to hold the rally on public health grounds.

Sununu, on the other hand, is all too willing to sacrifice Granite Staters’ health and waive his COVID-19 restrictions for the president’s reelection campaign. New Hampshire health officials are begging Sununu to require mask-wearing, crowd limits, and social distancing at the now-postponed rally: “We implore you to take the actions outlined here to protect New Hampshire, over political relationships…”

The health officials also issued an ominous warning to Sununu: the Trump rally could turn into a “super spreader” event. The New York Times reports Tulsa is seeing an exponential rise in cases, approximately two weeks after Trump’s large gathering there.

“Chris Sununu prioritizes Trump’s reelection above all else – even the health and safety of Granite Staters,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “If he really cared about New Hampshire, he would stand up to the president and refuse to put Granite Staters at risk.”