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Trump +10 District Goes Blue As Suburban Voters Reject Chris Sununu At The Ballot Box

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Last night, Chris Sununu’s candidate for State Representative lost in a district Trump carried by over 10 points in 2016 and Democrats have not won at the presidential level in nearly 25 years. Despite using Sununu’s support liberally in ads, voters rejected the “Sununu-Axelman Agenda” in traditionally red Hooksett. In suburban towns that have traditionally voted for Republicans, including Donald Trump in 2016, Democrats showed “strength” flipping the House and the Senate blue. 
Just last month, the number of Democrats registered to vote statewide outnumbered Republicans for the first time since 2010 when Democratic Gov. John Lynch defeated Republican challengers by a landslide during both elections.
And what exactly is the Sununu-Axelman agenda? 

It’s no coincidence that Sununu recently received his highest disapproval rating yet
“Chris Sununu’s agenda was on the ballot last night and it lost,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Granite Staters know that Chris Sununu’s GOP isn’t working for them and they’re ready for a Governor who won’t put special interests ahead of working families.”