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Top Dem Governor: Ken Cuccinelli Makes Romney's 47 Percent Tape Look Moderate

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By: Ruby Cramer, Buzzfeed
The chair of the Democratic Governors Association, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, called Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate a Tea Party radical who makes “Mitt Romney and his ’47 percent’ comment look moderate.”
Shumlin, whose role at the DGA has made him a player in this year’s two governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey, singled out Cuccinelli in an interview with BuzzFeed as a candidate whose conservative policies would make more moderate Republicans weary.
“Look at moderate Republicans like the Virginia lieutenant governor Bill Bolling,” Shumlin said. “He knows what Ken Cuccinelli is. Go to Virginia and ask him how comfortable he is with Ken Cuccinelli.”
Asked if he would describe the candidate as more radical than the state’s current Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, who has given Cuccinelli his endorsement, Shumlin said, “Oh god, yes.”
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